Why do it

Why do it, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

SNAP! Paper-Free Forms for Today’s Business.

The benefits to SNAP! are huge in the corporate world. SNAP! saves money, saves paper, improves job quality and allows your business to make use of your data in ways you always wanted.

Save money, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Save money

This is a “no-brainer”. Paper forms are time consuming and often re-typed back at the office, not to mention wrought with potential for human error. Standardized drop down lists, real time data validation, and embedded instructions for your staff will eliminate costly mistakes in the field.

Go green, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Go green

Saving paper is only the start. Paper forms are often copied, filed, distributed manually and eventually destroyed. SNAP! data does not take nearly as much energy and natural resources to provide the same functions.

Always ready, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Always ready

SNAP! forms are easily managed to make sure that your field staff always uses the most updated version of every important business form.

Use your data, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Use your data

SNAP! has built-in analysis tools to summarize field data for dashboard reporting, or drill into the data to address any problems discovered in the field. The data that you collect with SNAP! is always ready to be integrated into other systems, or simply exported to spreadsheets for custom data analysis. SNAP! makes your field data more accessible than ever before, allowing your business to tap into the gold mine of field data for better decision support and forward planning.

Incredible support, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Incredible support

Our support team is professional, local, and highly skilled. We support our products unconditionally and do our best to ensure every customer gets the most value possible from SNAP!.