How it works

How it works, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions


SNAP! is a full-service software product. We will digitize your forms, set up your users, and train everyone – hire us and we’ll make it happen! Once you are up and rolling, we provide top level, unconditional support to all of your users, ensuring a smooth transition for your business. SNAP! uses a web server as a hub to centralize your important information and allow it to be synced and migrated across multiple platforms including iPads and Android devices, PCs, and even other large corporate databases for data integration and archiving. SNAP! is a truly turn-key business solution which minimizes pressure on your busy IT department.

Cloud syncing, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Cloud syncing

Syncing with our SNAP! web server is easy. Using our proprietary cloud syncing technology you can be sure that your field staff always has the most current version of your important business forms. Data collected in the field can be synced back to the office from anywhere you have Internet available. No more trips to the office or emailing documents.

Field Data Collection, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Complete data capture

SNAP! forms allow users to easily embed photos, GPS coordinates, and voice clips which provide incredible depth and support for the typical paper form data that is collected.

Smart Devices, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Smart devices

SNAP! is optimized for the iPad, but also works on iPhones, Android devices and Windows mobile devices (typical on ruggedized handheld units).

Works offline, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Works offline

SNAP! can operate completely disconnected from the Internet once you have your business forms loaded onto your device. After the data is collected in the field and the device is connected to the Internet, the data is simply synced up to the server.

Built for business, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Industrial strength / built for business

There are many wizbang, do-it-yourself data collection methods that can be employed on today’s tablets and smart phones, but SNAP! stands alone as a full-service enterprise level solution. We specialize in working with medium to large businesses and we know that it is not good enough to just enter data on an electronic device. Features like standardized forms, user based permissions, backend SQL database compatibility, and service driven professional support is what makes SNAP! a success where others have failed..

Full Service Vendor, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Turnkey / Full Service Vendor

SNAP! is a complete package that includes the services you need to get up and running. We do not just pass the software off to your busy IT department and hope for the best. We work with you from the start, right through the process to make sure you succeed. Your success is our success, which make us motivated to ensure each customer is getting the most from the system.