What it does

What it does, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

SNAP! is a business software solution for moving your paper forms to a digital platform. We convert your paper forms into slick electronic versions that will not only streamline your business but also improve the quality of your valuable field data.

Field data collection

SNAP! allows you to collect your data in the field with customized digital forms used on a smart phone or tablet device. With SNAP!, your forms can have complex data structure and powerful formulas, so that you can see the overall results of your inspection or survey on-site, instantly. SNAP! standardizes your data collection methodology to maximize value from your field work.

Streamline Business, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Streamlining business

There are obvious benefits to any business when they move from paper to digital data collection, but none are as compelling as the money saved by eliminating redundant office work of transcribing and filing paper documents.

Improving Knowledge Transfer, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Improving knowledge transfer

Today’s successful businesses rely on having instant access to critical data for effective decision support and speed of operations. Having the key information for your business locked up in a filing cabinet diminishes the entire point of collecting the data to start with.

Analysis, SNAP! Data Collection Solutions

Decision support (analysis)

SNAP!’s powerful built-in data analysis tools allow users to mine their data and report on key performance indicators. Using field data for decision support is extremely valuable. For example, when choosing the right contractor for a job, you want to mitigate risks and maximize performance by diligently analyzing past performance data. This step is easy with the SNAP! data analysis tools.